The Ultimate Dating and Relationship Advantage

We talk about you, him and dating. How to cultivate your magnetic self, have a sexy winning formula, knowing that your body is a temple & the everyday Goddess. We will explore men and attraction, how to have a love-ray vision and recognize a disappearing act. How to have a high level of discernment, be daring, caring free and safe. 5 kinds of men, where you source yourself from, your online dating profile as well as confidence on camera with an optional photoshoot. For more information…..

We know you’re not just an ordinary woman looking for an ordinary man so we’re going to help you stand out from the crowd and attract THE man. We’ll cover everything from manifesting to online dating to get you ready to receive the love you’ve been yearning for.

The time for love is always now. Let’s make it happen, together.

Workshop details:
Venue: Fontainbleau Johannesburg
Photo Shoot: x5 professional photographs for your online dating profiles

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    Sandra Hutchison

    CIO and Programme Manager

    “Bring your sexy back is a fun, time efficient way of getting to grips with the highs and lows of online dating. Suzan brings a professional but practical approach to this scary subject and Naomi rounds it off with an inspiring, confidence building photo shoot. How often do we spoil ourselves like this and learn at the same time ? Highly recommended for anyone who wants to try online dating but is afraid to. Practical hints and discussions debunk some of the “mystery” around it while give you the tools to tackle it head on and confidently.