Unconscious Impact

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Unconscious Impact strives to educate individuals & groups and facilitates transformation towards more successful and fulfilling life.

You can choose 1:1 Jungian analysis, Leadership courses, Wealth coaching, Jungian oriented Movie Salon, Corporate training programs, Constellation or public Speaking,

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Wealth Coaching

Group coaching and partnering wealth sessions.

Is it possible to individuate in the area of Wealth, have a great relationship with Money & become Financially Free?

Alchemy of Finances presents a course on Money & Wealth:

  • Address projections onto money and wealth.
  • Shift relatedness to wealth on an unconscious level.
  • Recreate a healthy relationship with money.
  • Turn Fiat money into Gold
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Analysis, Coaching & Dream Interpretation

One on One private sessions in person or via Skype.

Analysis, Coaching and Dream interpretation is tailored according to your needs and desires.

The private sessions will guide you to:

  • Get crystal clear on what you want your life to look like and how you can bring this vision into reality.
  • Be aligned with your deepest calling and purpose.
  • Be confident and believe in yourself with unwavering trust.
  • Understanding the steps that you need to take to move your life forward in a balanced and creative way.
  • Spend more time doing things that are meaningful to you.
  • Wake up energised and passionate about your life.
  • Understand your unconscious fears, patterns and beliefs and be able to stop them from holding you back.
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Leadership for Men

Workshop for men on Male Archetypes

Male Leadership Archetypes

Male Leadership Archetypes is an in-person workshop that gives participants a new and profound understanding of patterns at play in their psyche that both influence their behaviour and results and determine their ability to transition into the different roles men are required to play in our modern world.


Corporate Training

Leadership Programs

When organisations have strong, effective, self-aware leaders, they achieve superior results.

Suzan has worked with leaders at all levels within organisations to master inter-personal competence, personal well-being and increased effectiveness. She facilitates 1:1 coaching and training as well as team training. Suzan also runs a 9-month long corporate leadership programs using her expertise in the psychological patterns (Archetypes) that influence human behaviour and determine results. This program is focused on creating self-awareness and a deeper understanding of human behaviour as a foundation for effective communication that inspires results.

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Public Speaking and Motivational Talks

Dr Suzan Hojdar is a creative and talented public speaker who has over a decade of experience in presenting and speaking.

Suzan has been asked to speak at global conferences and numerous events focusing on her work as a Jungian Analyst, Depth Coach and more recently on the Feminine Way Leadership body of work she developed.

Suzan is a Medical Doctor (MBBCH), Homeopath (MFHom, CEDH) Jungian Analyst (IAAP), Biodanza Teacher, Depth Coach and internationally certified Systemic and Organizational Constellation Facilitator as well as the founder of Feminine Way Leadership, a highly transformative teaching program that facilitates personal, relational and professional success and well-being for individuals and organisations alike. She has trained professional psychologists and psychiatrists in Jungian principles and has worked with hundreds of clients over the past three decades to facilitate profound positive transformation.


Jungian Movie Salon


For those interested in exploring the relationship between Archetype & Culture & how Archetypes influence our life path, individually as well as collectively.

Jung asserted that there is an Archetypal ground in the Collective Unconscious of the human psyche which has a determining influence on our life path, individually& collectively.

In this film series, we will look into our very long history as human beings through the medium of film. More specifically, how Archetypes evolve within human history & culture and how they contribute to shaping it.

We will create a discussion in which we will reflect on our culture, past & present and possibly future as well, highlighting some of the areas of human life that have fallen into the shadow of our collective culture over time.

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Systemic Constellations


For those interested in understanding and addressing the Epigenetic influences of the Personal as well as Collective Unconscious whether it be ancestral, familial or organizational on their health, wealth and relationships.

Family Constellation Workshops are based on the work of Bert Hellinger which sought to uncover and reveal the entanglements and hidden dynamics in relationships.

Hidden interpersonal and unconscious dynamics are brought to light by having the client use the workshop participants to create a constellation of his or her family, work or community system. The participants, representing members of the system, are positioned in the room by the client, creating a Living Model of the system.