Unconscious Impact Supports Conscious Women Today

Our aim is to educate women in re-connecting to their Feminine roots, their instincts, wisdom and creativity. We offer various Masterclasses, Workshops and Courses, both in person and online to achieve your Health, Wealth & Relationships goals.

Educational Courses, Masterclasses and Experiential In-Person Workshops are for you if you:

  • feel disconnected from your unbridled, free and untamed Feminine life-force
  • experiencing limitations in the expression of your creative flow
  • are not satisfied with the impact that your Feminine wisdom has on others and the world at large

The 3 keys to unlocking your Instinctual Feminine are:

1. Feminine Rootedness: archeo-mythology of the Feminine

2. Feminine Reclaiming: cyclical descents into the Feminine realm

3. Feminine Power: capacity to co-create your destiny and express your potential

Online Courses & Self Study Tracks


Feminine Way Leadership Course

As women we are required to play more roles than we have ever been required to in our collective history, ones we know well and ones we have no role models for but are being called to step into and embody. We long to be successful, to have deeply fulfilling relationships, to be the best parents we can be and leave our mark on the world.

But the truth is, we don’t always know how to manifest our intentions and hearts desires. We may feel overwhelmed by the road we are called to take and uncertain about the steps we need to take to realise our full potential. Historically, leadership models have required women to leave parts of themselves behind in order to step into the arena and call themselves a leader. That model is no longer sustainable. The world needs our full presence to solve the larger collective challenges we are facing.


Self Study Track: Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are a rich source of wisdom. FEMININE FAIRY TALES are symbolic road maps to guide us through the journey of living our personal story called our life. When we examine closely a story about a Heroine we can find a timeless Archetypal wisdom we can model ourselves on, find our true nature and what we are to do in a specific life situation.

All FT’s could be understood as mirror reflecting one’s inner life; its well-being & its ills. There are also mythic themes that describe stages & instructions for maintaining balance in both inner & outer worlds. Clarisa Pinkola Estees in WWRWW

Self-study track:

With the self-study track you get access to all of the content that participants who attend live get but you can dive into the material at your own pace from the comfort of your home.


Step 1: You choose the story, myth or fairy tale you want to purchase.
Step 2: We send you:

  • A summary and review of each story, myth or fairy tale
  • Reflection questions to engage your psyche and evolve your consciousness
  • Audio recordings of the book club sessions

In-person Workshops, Courses & Masterclasses

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Feminine Archetypes Retreat

Feminine Archetypes Residential Retreat is a sensory immersion into seven key Goddess Archetypes where we focus on deepening our authentic Feminine power and embodying our leadership.

We come together in sisterhood and make use of practices and rituals that ensure each Archetype is experienced rather than simply understood on a mental level. This journey is filled with fun, laughter and teachings that will aliven and align your daily experience with your values and the future you want to create.

It’s time to let go of self-doubt, playing small, under-earning, over-giving, and accepting a lesser version of your life than you came here to experience and express. Gain deep rooted confidence in your Feminine (± Masculine) Essence & its capacity to play your biggest game, recognize your true value, learn to assess when to give and when to receive, & finally live the best version of you that you came to experience & express in this life.


Jungian Book Club & Teaching Circle

For those interested in Feminine Fairy Tales as a rich source of wisdom and a symbolic road map to guide one on the heroic journey of being a woman in a patriarchal society.

We are currently reading stories from the book Women Who Run with the Wolves, by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Her work uses myths, fairy tales, folk tales, and stories to help women reconnect with the fierce, healthy, visionary attributes of their instinctual Feminine nature.

How does it work?

We gather together with like minded souls and Suzan leads us through the maze of meaning and psychological signatures within the text. She unpacks the content in a way that facilitates deeply enriching conversation and powerful sharing among the participants.

We laugh, we learn, we create beautiful friendships and we leave having received profound insight into our own psyche.


Jungian Movie Salon


For those interested in exploring the relationship between Archetype & Culture & how Archetypes influence our life path, individually as well as collectively.

Jung asserted that there is an Archetypal ground in the Collective Unconscious of the human psyche which has a determining influence on our life path, individually& collectively.

In this film series, we will look into our very long history as human beings through the medium of film. More specifically, how Archetypes evolve within human history & culture and how they contribute to shaping it.

We will create a discussion in which we will reflect on our culture, past & present and possibly future as well, highlighting some of the areas of human life that have fallen into the shadow of our collective culture over time.

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Systemic Constellations


For those interested in understanding and addressing the Epigenetic influences of the Personal as well as Collective Unconscious whether it be ancestral, familial or organizational on their health, wealth and relationships.

Family Constellation Workshops are based on the work of Bert Hellinger which sought to uncover and reveal the entanglements and hidden dynamics in relationships.

Hidden interpersonal and unconscious dynamics are brought to light by having the client use the workshop participants to create a constellation of his or her family, work or community system. The participants, representing members of the system, are positioned in the room by the client, creating a Living Model of the system.


Fulfilling Relationships


Intimate Relationship for Single Women


We talk about you, him and dating. How to cultivate your magnetic self, have a sexy winning formula, knowing that your body is a temple and the everyday Goddess. We will explore men and attraction, how to have a love-ray vision and recognize a disappearing act. How to have a high level of  discernment, be daring, caring free and safe. 5 kinds of men, where you source yourself from, your online dating profile as well as confidence on camera with an optional photoshoot.

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Optimal Health


Could Menopause be Sexy?

Do you know how to sustain Optimal Health throughout the different cycles in your life?

Health too needs an understanding through the lens of Consciousness:

Menopause: is a call to RE-engage with your Body in Feminine Cycles of Life. This 3 hour interactive lecture is about building a strong Physical, Emotional & Spiritual foundation for 2nd half of life, loosing weight and becoming sanely slim and sexy.

Optimal Health: Hormones, genetics & epigenetics, inflammation, food & gut, as well as stress & toxins, emotional eating & supplements are the building blocks of this 3 hour interactive lecture.You will walk away with practical tools you can implement straight away.