For those interested in understanding and addressing the Epigenetic influences of the Personal as well as Collective Unconscious whether it be ancestral, familial or organizational on their health, wealth and relationships.

Family Constellation Workshops are based on the work of Bert Hellinger which sought to uncover and reveal the entanglements and hidden dynamics in relationships.

Hidden interpersonal and unconscious dynamics are brought to light by having the client use the workshop participants to create a constellation of his or her family, work or community system. The participants, representing members of the system, are positioned in the room by the client, creating a Living Model of the system. The Facilitator then leads the client and the participants through a process that reveals highly valuable information and heals destructive dynamics within the system, by introducing new constellations, new conscious behaviors and approaches. A new more healthy and compassionate way of relating is brought into the system that allows the client to heal from the effects of the harmful dynamics

Participants not only find the process deeply rewarding but often walk away with deeper insight into the dynamics at play in the systems they operate in as well as in the patterns in their own psyche.

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