Feminine Archetypes Residential Retreat is a sensory immersion into seven key Goddess Archetypes where we focus on deepening our authentic Feminine power and embodying our leadership. 

We come together in sisterhood and make use of practices and rituals that ensure each Archetype is experienced rather than simply understood on a mental level. This journey is filled with fun, laughter and teachings that will aliven and align your daily experience with your values and the future you want to create.


To you: It’s time to let go of self-doubt, playing small, under-earning, over-giving, and accepting a lesser version of your life than you came here to experience and express. Gain deep rooted confidence in your Feminine (± Masculine) Essence & its capacity to play your biggest game, recognize your true value, learn to assess when to give and when to receive, & finally live the best version of you that you you came to experience & express in this life.

To others: through your deep rootedness in the Feminine essence be the inspiration to others you always wanted to be & didn’t always know how.  Allow the many facets of the Feminine Essence (Archetypes) express themselves through you & invite others by example to up-level themselves & their lives & break through their  inner barriers so that they can rise to their own greatness

To the world: the world needs your FEMININE ENERGY, creativity, vision and voice like never before.

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    Kate Clements

    Head of Biodanza School (Australia)

    “Participating in the retreats was a rich and emotionally wonderful multilayered experience. It showed me that I was so very much more than who I thought I was and that there was so much more to explore. For the first time ever I experienced the powerful and grounding embrace of sisterhood, a sense of belonging that continues to nourish me on this journey with the Feminine in Her many facets.”

    Engela Schutte

    Manager: Events – ABSA

    “This retreat with Suzan is beautiful and powerful. It brought me into a place of deeper and more satisfying understanding of myself and other women and this still lives with me daily – even years later. It is truly transformational and if I were responsible for the national curriculum I would include this course in education for all girls and women. It’s that good!”

    Helen Donovan

    Web Editor & Designer – Wits University

    “This retreat and Suzan (facilitator) took me on a journey of self-discovery, self-exploration and self-healing. I am the initiator of the path I travel and have the power to co-create my life. I am currently on a path of love, independence and power. This retreat helped me to realize that I am in a powerful position with an inner community of all Feminine Archetypes and an outer community as resources”.

    Desray Clark

    Head of Leadership Development – Anglo American

    “Thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful weekend of teachings – I now see the Feminine and the Goddess almost everywhere. The attention to detail during the entire retreat was phenomenal and it was a great privilege for me to attend. A gift every woman owes to herself and her daughters – the understanding of the Feminine and loving support of other women travelers. I thank you for helping me make sense of womanhood in all its beautiful, frightening, enlightening aspects.”