Male Leadership Archetypes – Workshop for Men

Male Leadership Archetypes is an in-person workshop that gives participants a new and profound understanding of patterns at play in their psyche that both influence their behavior and results and determine their ability to transition into the different roles men are required to play in our modern world.

What we do in this workshop:

  • We use 4 indigenous Archetypes as well as eight of the most prominent Archetypes of the Greek Gods to both challenge and redefine stereotypical roles and expectations.
  • We build a new understanding of integrated masculine power and authentic leadership.
  • We explore the historical context for the collective understanding of masculinity and leadership and how they have informed your choices and lived experience. The
  • Archetypes you most strongly identify with will reveal your thinking style and the motivation behind certain patters of behavior.
  • We address some of the current challenges you are facing and give you the tools to understand them as opportunities for growth and evolution.
  • We shed light on the underdeveloped aspects of your psyche that have been keeping you from experiencing the fullness of life and the richness of achieving aligned results.

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    “Studying the archetypes for even just one weekend helped me realize how common my struggles are and that in turn makes it easier for me to forgive myself in some of my misguided outcomes. The archetypes workshop assisted my move from a problem solving orientation, to a way in which I really allow me to go with myself.”


    “It’s important to know with whom and what type of person I’m dealing with. In gaining knowledge of different archetypes comes the ability, understanding and tolerance to handle situations much better. Including finding ways and means to solve problems in an ever-increasing useful approach. So there you are, get in touch with that knowledge.”


    “This workshop grounded archetypal understanding of myself especially in relation to others. Experientially this work had profound impact that has remained clear and accessible with me in the weeks following the weekend. I would suggest anyone who is interested in a deeper understanding of the male psyche to explore this contained content presented in a wonderful way.”