Feminine Way Leadership Course

As women we are required to play more roles than we have ever been required to in our collective history, ones we know well and ones we have no role models for but are being called to step into and embody. We long to be successful, to have deeply fulfilling relationships, to be the best parents we can be and leave our mark on the world.

But the truth is, we don’t always know how to manifest our intentions and hearts desires. We may feel overwhelmed by the road we are called to take and uncertain about the steps we need to take to realise our full potential. Historically, leadership models have required women to leave parts of themselves behind in order to step into the arena and call themselves a leader. That models is no longer sustainable. The world needs our full presence to solve the larger collective challenges we are facing.


Self-Study Fairy Tales

With the self-study track you get access to all of the content that participants who attend live get but you can dive into the material at your own pace from the comfort of your home.


STEP 1: You choose the story, myth or fairy tale you want to purchase.
STEP 2: We send you:

  • A summary and review of each story, myth or fairy tale
  • Reflection questions to engage your psyche and evolve your consciousness
  • Audio recordings of the book club sessions